JIS F7367

Marine Bronze Rising Stem Gate Valve JIS 5K


Size Range: DN15 to DN300
Working Pressure: According to Standards
Material: Bronze
Connections Flanged End
Design: Straight Type
Certifications Mill Certificates and Class-Approved Foundries


Marine bronze gate valves F7367 are utilized in maritime applications for isolating and controlling the flow of fluids in piping systems. These valves feature a gate mechanism that moves perpendicular to the flow path, allowing for full or partial closure by raising or lowering the gate. They are commonly employed in various shipboard systems such as seawater intake and discharge, fuel transfer, and ballast systems where a secure and leak-tight shut-off is required. The bronze construction of F7367 gate valves offers excellent resistance to corrosion from seawater and other harsh marine conditions, ensuring longevity and reliable operation onboard ships.

S$100 /

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