JIS F7351

Marine Bronze Screw Down Check Globe Valve 5K JIS F7351 


Size Range: DN15 to DN300
Working Pressure: According to Standards
Material: Bronze
Connections Flanged End
Design: Straight Type, Screw Down Non-Return 
Certifications Mill Certificates and Class-Approved Foundries


Marine bronze screw down check globe valves F7351 are specifically designed for use in maritime applications where both globe valve and check valve functionalities are required. They serve to regulate and control the flow of fluids and gases while also preventing backflow. These valves are commonly used in critical systems on ships such as seawater cooling, ballast control, and bilge pumping. The screw down mechanism allows for precise adjustment of flow rates, while the check valve feature ensures that fluid flows in one direction only, preventing reverse flow and maintaining system integrity. The bronze construction of F7351 valves provides durability and corrosion resistance, essential for reliable performance in marine environments.

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